ChinaTalk: Life in Mao's China

By Jordan Schneider
Monday, October 24, 2022, 4:18 PM

What was life actually like for people in rural China over the last seventy years?

Brew up a nice cup of tea and find a comfy armchair, it's time for another special edition of ChinaTalk. In this episode, Stanford University graduate student Vivian Zhong tells the story of her grandfather's life, from his childhood in the early days of the People's Republic to today pieced together from conversations they've shared over the years.

She talks about:

What it was like being a student in provincial China

Days long trips down the Yangtze

Why you shouldn't date in college

How her grandfather came to hate sweet potatoes

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Outro music: Pengyou 朋友 by Emil Chau 周华健

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