ChinaTalk: Great Power Competition with Richard Danzig

By Jordan Schneider
Monday, January 4, 2021, 12:01 PM

On the second joint episode of Acquisition Talk and ChinaTalk, Richard Danzig, a Secretary of the Navy under Clinton, discusses U.S.-China relations and military innovation. Richard is a senior fellow at Johns Hopkins APL, a former Secretary of the Navy and a fiction guy. We traverse a number of subjects, including: how the risk of war with China is reflected in trade policy; the problems regulators face in high-tech industries; views on growing the U.S. Navy to 500 ships; how U.S. prime contracts differ from state-owned enterprises; and whether the Chinese are more risk-tolerant than the U.S. His book recs include: Woman of the Dunes, The Door, and The Lonely Polygamist.

Outtro music "LL Cool J" by Ansr J

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