ChinaTalk: Chinese Hip Hop in 2020 Radio Show

By Jordan Schneider
Monday, December 28, 2020, 11:06 AM

Duoduodiliao walks us through his favorite Chinese rap songs of 2020, taking us everywhere from soul rap and R&B to drill and Caribbean-inspired beats.

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Songs in order played in the show, all available on YouTube

PO8 - 霓虹 李爾新 lil shin《CN DRILL》官方微博完整版 慕斯塔法 / JELLORIO 李佳隆 - Falling 八口8uck/KnowKnow -《Map》 Lexie Liu 刘柏辛 - 佳人 "站着亲吻子弹"艾热派克特组淘汰Athree后,发作品《Punch》发表感想《说唱听我的》 艾福杰尼 - 葡萄架下的篝火

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