ChinaTalk: Can the U.S. and China Work Together on Anything?

By Jordan Schneider
Friday, November 18, 2022, 10:24 AM

Can the US and China play nicely enough with each other to not ruin the planet in the coming century? In particular, what prospects are there for cooperation around global challenges and biotech? For this episode, I'm joined by Scott Moore, Penn's director of China programs and strategic initiatives and perhaps the nicest person on China Twitter.

We discuss
    •    Medical cooperation between China and the US during the Ebola outbreak.
    •    Whether shared global challenges can be combatted without China.
    •    Leapfrogging as a means of developing technologically versus innovation.
    •    The scariest things that could happen as a result of biotech research.

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Outro music: 杨和苏KeyNG - “王位”

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