AALS Section on National Security Law

Call for Papers: AALS Annual Meeting

By Robert Chesney
Wednesday, August 3, 2022, 10:20 AM

The AALS National Security Law Section is pleased to announce that we will host a “Current Voices in National Security Law” program during the 2023 AALS Annual Meeting. We seek works-in-progress and unpublished papers on any aspect of national security law, including interdisciplinary work. We welcome projects in their early stages. Papers posted to online sites such as SSRN but not otherwise published will be considered.


The Voices in National Security Law Program will be open to full-time faculty members from AALS member schools. All scholars are welcome to attend the program and participate in the discussions.

Submission Requirements

Instead of a full-length paper, please submit a 500-word abstract and a concept note of 5-15 double-spaced pages that contains a summary of the key ideas. If you have already written a full-length paper, please send a 500-word abstract and an excerpt (of 5-15 double-spaced pages) of the paper with an explanatory introduction.

Submission Process

Please send submissions by email to Liam O’Melinn (l-omelinn@onu.edu) and Amy Gaudion (acg14@psu.edu) by Friday, September 9, 2022.

Authors of the selected papers will be notified by September 19, 2022. Selected presenters will be responsible for paying their registration fee.