Britain's Guantanamo?

By John Bellinger
Wednesday, May 29, 2013, 3:31 PM

The BBC is reporting that British forces have been holding up to 85 Afghan detainees at a base in Afghanistan, some for as long as 14 months.   A British official is quoted as saying "Many are either suspected killers of British troops or known to be involved in the preparation, facilitation or laying of improvised explosive devices. They are held pending transfer to Afghan authorities for further investigation prior to prosecution."   But British lawyers for the detainees claim that the detainees are being held in violation of international law and have filed for habeas in UK courts.   The situation is complicated by the fact that the British Defence Minister imposed a ban last November on turning captured Afghans over to the Afghan government for fear of mistreatment.  And the British government will be reluctant to free the Afghan men after reports that British officials had recommended in 2010 that Kenya release the man who later killed a British soldier last week in London.