Bits and Bytes

Bits and Bytes

By Paul Rosenzweig
Tuesday, June 23, 2015, 4:31 PM

The Lopht warns of cyber insecurity ... in 1998. A fantastic review article about how we got to where we are today. "The seven young men sitting before some of Capitol Hill’s most powerful lawmakers weren’t graduate students or junior analysts from some think tank. No, Space Rogue, Kingpin, Mudge and the others were hackers who had come from the mysterious environs of cyberspace to deliver a terrifying warning to the world." If only we had listened. [Full disclosure: I know Rogue ....]

Hard to Sprint When You Have Two Broken Legs. Or, why the Administration's cyber sprint won't succeed. It's a grim picture.

NSA and GCHQ target anti-virus programs. From The Intercept: "When the Russian security firm Kaspersky Lab disclosed recently that it had been hacked, it noted that the attackers, believed to be from Israel, had been in its network since sometime last year. The company also said the attackers seemed intent on studying its antivirus software to find ways to subvert the software on customer machines and avoid detection. Now newly published documents released by Edward Snowden show that the NSA and its British counterpart, GCHQ, were years ahead of Israel and had engaged in a systematic campaign to target not only Kaspersky software but the software of other antivirus and security firms as far back as 2008."