The Best US Database to Hack? A Lawfare Contest

By Benjamin Wittes, Paul Rosenzweig
Tuesday, July 28, 2015, 9:53 AM

Yesterday, each of us considered the question of which unclassified databases in the U.S. would be worth it for the Chinese to hack next. In writing these pieces, we realized that this is what the military might call a target rich environment, so we open up the conversation to Lawfare readers in the form of a contest. You are therefore invited to submit your nomination for "most interesting, vulnerable, hackable, unclassified database in the United States government." Along the way, we hope to alert government officials that they should be thinking about the security of these databases—because someone, somewhere surely is doing so.

The rules are simple: no more than five entries per person; the database must be unclassified; it can be anywhere in the US at any level of government; and entries are due to us by this Friday, July 31. You can submit an entry by sending an email to

First prize: we will offer dinner out, on us, here in the greater Washington area, on a date to be mutually agreed upon.