The Baker of Hard National Security Choices Strikes Again

By Benjamin Wittes
Wednesday, June 10, 2015, 3:19 PM

First, there was the "drone strike cake," called "notorious" by Rolling Stone Magazine.

Then there was the "Zero Dark Thirtieth Birthday Cake," because, well, . . . just because.

Now, the mysterious anonymous Baker of Hard National Security Choices has struck again with a group of national security-themed fondant figurines.

I give them to you with their names, as provided by the Baker, and no further comment or explanation. Asked why she makes such things, the Baker replied only, "National Security is difficult and demanding work. In most cases it takes years before you may see the results of all of your effort. I figure that edible targets are one way to relieve the stress of it all."

Fondant Fighter

Al Shabbab

The Russian Bear