Guantanamo: Litigation

Bahlul D.C. Circuit Argument Postponed; Is Hamdan Nigh?

By Steve Vladeck
Wednesday, August 22, 2012, 11:41 AM

Ben beat me to it, but this morning, the D.C Circuit issued a terse order removing United States v. al Bahlul (the "other" military commission appeal) from its argument calendar (it was scheduled to be argued before Judges Henderson, Rogers, and Tatel on Monday, September 10), and ordering "that oral argument be postponed until further order of the court." There's no indication of why the Court of Appeals would take Bahlul off the calendar so close to the argument, but one obvious (and, in my view, likely) explanation is that the decision in United States v. Hamdan, which could obviously bear directly on al Bahlul, is shortly to be handed down. Stay tuned...