Article from Dr. Abdallah bin Muhammad al-Muhaysini: "The Fifth of Ramadan"

By Aaron Y. Zelin
Sunday, July 5, 2015, 12:54 PM

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In the name of Allah, the most gracious, the most merciful.

Praise be to Allah, and peace and blessings are be upon his prophets and messenger.

((O my lord! open for me my chest (1) and ease my task foe me (2) and loose the knot from my tongue (3) that they understand my speech (4) ))

This statement is very important. I wrote it advising the nation to perish that who perished on proof and to live the one who is a live on proof, also. And I ask Allah Almighty to make benefit to the writer of this statement, and to the reader

It was written in Arabic Language and translated into five languages: English, Russian, German, French and Kurdistan, because of its importance for Muslims in general and for mujahedeen (fighters) in the countries of the world in particular.

I called it (the fifth of Ramadan ) because this day is a different day for those who follow this case; I mean (issue of al-Baghdadi organization) .

As for me : this day wasn't a different day because it was very clear for me long ago, but the one who saw , is not like the one who heard. This day makes a difference for everyone who is looking for the Truth of (Al-Baghdadi organization) and still confused, because of the patience of Al-Baghdadi's supporters and their Strong publications. So, whenever we say something about them and bare it for people, the supporters of Al-Baghdadi respond with strong publications . this made the listener confused to say: the issue is between two parties , and each part must have an evidence. So , he begins looking for the evidence , so those supporters brought allegations which are fabricated falsely. For this reason, people were confused and preferred to be silent and to stop.

But today in (the fifth of Ramadan) the mask has uncovered by the will of Allah, and Allah exposed their speaker "al-Baghdadi" -damn on him- in a substantial issue which is the judgment on this rogue organization, I mean; the issue of their consideration that Muslims are disbelieves (infidels) unjustly.

Everyone knows that the most prominent feature of kharijites is killing Muslims as the prophet Muhammad peace be upon him said " they kill the people of Islam " . their killing of Muslims is done by considering them disbelieves (infidels). The qualities of organizations as noted by scholars of sects and doctrines are main and doubtful. The main qualities: As the description of kharijites band by killing Muslims unjustly, and to appropriate the blood of Muslims, and to call them disbelieves. Except that , they are clear characteristics.

Let's deal with this dangerous quality which is their consideration that Muslims are disbelieves (infidels) unjustly.

I have reported a year ago, and I bear witness of Allah on my attitude that happened to me individually when I faced the second man in their organization named (al-Anbari). I entered his room when the fighting sparked in the neighborhood of (Reef al-Muhandissen) in Aleppo. I said to him: "O so and so ! Fighting began raging, and I ask you in front of Allah: do you see the mujahedeen army which is a gathering of free army organization as apostates? If they are so, then tell me to stop my efforts in conciliation of the conflicting parties. There is no need for it then!"

He said to me: " I Swear, if we knew that they are apostates, we would declare this."

I said to him "but your guards at the doors and barriers claim that al-mujahideen are apostates. So explain for me!"

He said to me exactly "we know when we speak and when to be silent."

So, I remained silent then went out.

I bear witness of Allah on my speech.

Thus, when the fighting broke out between those kharijites and the free men in the house of al-Anbari, they declared that they see the apostasy of the free men. Moreover, the apostasy of Islamic Front. And when the fighting broke out between them and al-Nusrah Front in Dair-al-Zour, they described al-Nusrah Front as "apostates."

And when it broke out in Aleppo they called Al-nusrah front in Aleppo "apostates."

Also when the fighting broke out between them and al-Nusrah in Al-Qalamoon, they called al-Nusrah in al-Qalamoon "apostates."

Consequently, whenever they were fought by a front, they called it "apostasy." There is no strength except in Allah.

Today, the brothers of Jund al-Aqsa, and brothers of Anssar al-Deen don't fight them. But if they fight them they will call them "apostates" you will remember what I tell you now.

One may say: what is your evidence of this speech? Where is your proof ? They will say the other wise!

I said: it was so , but today after what occurred on the fifth of Ramadan, don't ask me about proof, just listen to the confession of their formal speaker "al-Baghdadi" because the confession is Mr. evidence as it is known for scholars. What happened on the fifth of Ramadan is a different mark for every believe and assert (believer) of their supporters or anyone who is looking for the Truth in this is issue. So their formal speaker spoke, and cursed himself a year ago, then Allah revealed the Truth and exposed his falsity and his lie via his tongue. This is one of the miracles of this disaster that happened to the Islamic nation.

Morever, before a year ago I mentioned as others mentioned that those consider the one who fights them disbeliever. For this reason, their supporters and followers revolted denying this, saying this is false.

Then, their formal speaker comes out denying this and damn himself if they were so I mean; considering the one who kills them a disbeliever. This was a year ago in a recorded speech entitled (( then we pray and invoke the curse of Allah upon those who lie )).

Part of what he said: "They claimed that this organization (al-Baghdadi organization) considers everyone fought it became a fighter of Islam and out of religion. Then he said: O, Allah I bear witness of you, that this is a lie and a fabrication. O, Allah, who was a liar so the curse upon him, and let's see your miracles in him."

After this speech and these words of this spokesman, he come out on the fifth of Ramadan in 1436 AH, to say in a recording (O our people answer the need of Allah).

He said: "be careful, by fighting the Islamic state (al-Baghdadi organization) you will become a disbeliever whether you know or not."

It is a great phrase makes the mountains vibrate that to consider everyone who kills them a disbeliever and he cursed himself a year ago. So, we say Amen, Amen. And you Muslims say Amen also. So, you the sincere supporter who is still hesitating in this regard of the combatant groups of Arabic and non-Arabs in the east and west. I say: I consider the one who listens to this dangerous speech, then he doesn't change his attitude, I think passion prevents him to do so.

As we know nullifiers of Islam are ten, and those have added another nullifiers so what a distortion of the faith and religion of Allah and Ibrahim doctrine those people brought?

I Swear, I didn't see people worse in morals than those people and far from the guidance of the prophet Muhammad Peace be upon him.

We fought the enemy of religion of rawafedh and Nusayris but we have never heard cursing as we heard from those people. It's enough for you the words of prophet Muhammad peace be upon him.

In the true Hadith: " the one who is the nearest to me , at the doomsday is the one who is the best in morals."

We never see people more using to dissimulation than those, we have known before dissimulation is an equality of Rawafed but we see this reason, they killed people by using dissimulation, and by dissimulation also they disbelieved the Islamic Front and al-Nusrah Front. They issued a statement according to Islamic Front while they didn't issue a statement calling al-Nusrah disbelievers using dissimulation. They did so to bring the rest of the branches of our brothers in al-Qaeda. But in fact, they consider everyone who is against them a disbeliever.

And if we consider how they think they will say Sheikh Ayman may Allah protect him is a disbeliever. However, the days will show you what you did not know.

But I can say some of their supporters don't lie but they know they are some of their supporters don't lie but they know that the other lie or may be they are silent because they are not told to do so or. There is no damage for them.

I'm talking only about what I have seen and the most important was the case of (Abu al-Harith al-Homsi) they claimed falsely that I received weapons and money but this is untrue.

There is also (the bombing of Darkush) they claimed that they killed 2o persons of the enemy but in fact, the one who did the bombing was killed only. They issued a statement and confused two bombing and when I asked them to face me before three months they didn't come and still lying till now.

One of their lies also, that when the mujahedeen for the sake of Allah fought the regime in Idlib and achieved victory, they came to stop mujahedeen's conquests to rescue the regime by stabbing the mujahedeen in Aleppo claiming that the mujahedeen began the struggle. They deceived their fans and people by their Strong media, will appear because you can lie to some people for a period of time but you can't lie to all people all the time.

Another lie is that the cut off oil materials (diesel) for people in Syria although they know that most life depend on it like hospitals and the machines in the houses, this caused a rise of prices and the death of many babies in hospitals but they claim they didn't cut off the diesel and I am ready to face them at the line of contact where the diesel tanks enter in to prove to people who trapped in Damascus as Nusayris did. So Nusayris trapped Sunnis in Aleppo and Idlib while Al-Baghdadi group (al-Dawa'ish) trapped them from their destination, for this reason I ask Allah to take revenge of them for us because of their killing to the best men of mujahedeen and people of Syria.

To conclude: I address the believer of al-Baghdadi organization who comes to fight for the sake of Allah but misled by those liars leaders exploiting the enthusiasm of young people for jihad for the sake of Allah.

I say to this believer. Be a afraid of Allah. The issue today is the issue of blood and calling Muslims disbelieves be honest, don't pay attention to the writer of these words; you and I will die one day then we will face Allah where the oppressed takes his right from the oppressor.

I have no doubt that this organization will vanish one day. Because it is unjust. Allah's law tells us that every unjust will disappear and everyone follows the religion of kharijites will disappear also as prophet p.b.u said ((whenever a group of kharijites comes out they soon disappear )) so, I advice you to pray to Allah with humility in this holy month (Ramadan) asking him to guide you to the Truth. I know that it is difficult to be out of them but as I rescued my self and came to support the religion of Allah to be a Martyr also you can leave this organization. What will you say when Allah asked you about the blood of Muslims and killing them unjustly!

Allah said ((so ask of those who know the Scripture , if you know not ))

It is a mercy of Allah that all men of religion a greed to consider those people, kharijites as prophet Muhammad p.b.u described them ((the dogs of the hell ))

So be careful not to kill yourself only for the sake of Allah and its enough for you to read the Fatwa of Sheikh al-Tarifi; the great religions man who said "I swear, without doubt that they are kharijites and the one who is killed by them has the greater reward of the one who is killed by the regime.

Also Abu Qatada's Fatwa and many other who don't a friend of anybody but Allah. Towards this group is the same of al-Tarifi and Abu-Qatada's attitude. So, you who are confused follow the guide of religions men asking Allah to show you the right way. But you who followed this group and mislead by the media and supported them without knowledge but you saw the religions men speaking in danger saying the truth without paying attention to any leader so, what make you support those had people though you know that prophet Muhammad said the one who helps in killing a Muslim even with a part of a word, he will face Allah written between his eyes helpless of the mercy of Allah. So when you support them claiming that you fight with them against Christians or other but in fact you support them to kill Muslims and you justify their done. By this, you will have a great sin at the doomsday.

I ask Allah to guide me with you and to guide all Young Muslims, to show us the right to follow it and to show us the falsehood to avoid it. I say this to be innocent in front of Allah, I authorize my matter to Allah, and Allah is the seer of people.