Announcing the Lawfare News Feed

By Benjamin Wittes
Monday, January 14, 2013, 3:06 PM

My excitement over Shane Harris's new blog, Dead Drop, provides a catalyst for an action I have been meaning to take for some time: creating an automated page on Lawfare for outside news feeds of particular value for Lawfare readers. Many blogs have blogrolls, but I find these useless and have never put one on Lawfare; they function chiefly as an ineffective means of mutual advertising between blogs. They don't tell you what's going on on other sites. And they don't integrate the content of other sites usefully.

At the same time, there are certain publications, individual reporters, and bloggers whose work is so useful and relevant to Lawfare's readership and writers that I actively want to integrate it into the site. Hence the Lawfare News Feed--which readers can now access from the menu at the top of the site. I started with Dead Drop because---let me be perfectly candid on this point---I wish Shane were blogging for us. I have also added Josh Gerstein's excellent blog over at Politico, and the feeds of New York Times reporters Charlie Savage and Scott Shane. And because I like it a great deal, I have also added the Air Force General Counsel blog.

The idea, as you will see, is to make the entire feeds of these writers and sources available to Lawfare readers---who can now see everything they are writing without ever leaving Lawfare---while entirely respecting their publications' intellectual property and without representing their work as Lawfare content. Over the coming days and weeks, we will be adding other writers and blogs who produce high-quality Lawfare-relevant material on a consistent basis. To keep the feeds manageable, we may have to break out opinion writing and blogs from news and news aggregation. We will experiment with how to make this as useful a news source as possible. The idea is to have a single site that readers can visit that brings together as much of the best regular Lawfare-relevant writing as possible.