Terrorism Trials & Investigations

Al Hawsawi's Documents Appear!

By Raffaela Wakeman
Thursday, January 12, 2012, 2:44 PM

Last week, Ben was perplexed by the government's reply in opposition to a motion for a preliminary injunction in a mysterious case brought by Mustafa al Hawsawi over Rear Adm. Woods' recent order regarding monitoring of lawyer-client communications at Guantanamo. While the government's response was available, Al Hawsawi's brief and motion were nowhere to be found.

The petitioner's redacted brief , the motion for a preliminary injunction, and a reply to the government's opposition to the motion are all now on the D.C. Circuit's docket.

Al Hawsawi is looking for the court to find that the orders that require all lawyer communications with their clients be searched be held unconstitutional under the First and Sixth Amendments, that they violate the statutory right to counsel under the Military Commissions Act of 2009, and that the court enjoin enforcement of the orders.

You can read al Hawsawi's brief here, his motion for a preliminary injunction here, and his reply to the government's opposition here.

The U.S. must file its surreply to Al Hawsawi's reply by January 18th, and its response to Al Hawsawi's brief by February 13th.