Terrorism Trials: Military Commissions

Al-Hadi Motions Hearing: November 17 Session

By Wells Bennett
Monday, November 17, 2014, 8:56 AM

Today marks the first of a possibly three-day, pre-trial motions hearing in the military commission case of United States v. Abd. Al Hadi Al-Iraqi.  

Y'all know the drill: from 9 a.m. onward, video and audio from the Guantanamo courtroom will be zapped, via closed circuit television, to Fort Meade’s Smallwood Hall.  Lawfare will view the proceedings from Smallwood, and post almost-live dispatches in the “Events Coverage” section.

We’ll post links to those dispatches below, too.

11/17 Session #1: Article 5? 

11/17 Session #2: Common Allegations, Part One

11/17 Session #3: Common Allegations, Part Two

11/17 Session #4: Discovery, Both Bergdahl-Related and Not