Air Force General Counsel Charles Blanchard on His New Blog

By Benjamin Wittes
Friday, November 9, 2012, 6:10 PM

Yesterday, I linked to this new blog---called the Air Force General Counsel Blog. I asked Air Force General Counsel Charles Blanchard about the project. He responded:

Our hopes for the blog are modest.  Our target audience will be the over 2000 Air Force lawyers worldwide, but we obviously hope to have content that will be of interest to others interested in the legal issues that we deal with.  My hope is that my team will post about developments on legal issues important to our practice.  Because I am a big believer that attorneys need to know their client, I also hope to post on developments in the Air Force, Department of Defense and about the larger strategic context.  As you might imagine, security and other constraints can be a challenge for a project of this type so we our original content will be limited.  Nonetheless, I hope that we can point to provocative and interesting work by others (such as you and your colleagues at Lawfare!).

This is an experiment---and it will fail if I am the only one posting.  My challenge is to convince a team of government lawyers to give blogging a try.

My message to all prospective members of that team: Definitely give it a try; it's great fun. And we, at least, will be reading.