Cyber Command

‘Achieving and Maintaining Cyberspace Superiority’: A Cyber Command and Interagency Legal Conference

By Robert Chesney
Tuesday, February 5, 2019, 4:11 PM

I'm happy to report that U.S. Cyber Command will host its sixth annual legal conference from March 4–7, and that some seats may still be available. The title is "Achieving and Maintaining Cyberspace Superiority," and it is consciously framed as not just a CYBERCOM but also an interagency (and international) production.

More details from the organizers, including contact information if you’d like to attend:

This year's conference will focus on the 2018 Command Vision for the US Cyber Command, ‘Achieve and Maintain Cyberspace Superiority’, and provide the opportunity to discuss the domestic and international law implications of confronting long-term strategic competition in cyberspace.” All four days of the conference will be held at the Jacob E. Smart Conference Center on Andrews AFB, MD, and will be split at the mid-point to facilitate classified discussion. Seating is unfortunately limited, and those requesting attendance during the classified portions MUST possess a current, adjudicated TOP SECRET security clearance. If interested in attending, please call (301) 688-2210 or email Colonel Gary Corn at for more details.