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Which Foreign Leaders Are On the “Do Not Listen” List?

Monday, January 20, 2014 at 12:09 PM

In his excellent analysis of the President’s NSA speech and PPD-28, Ben suggests that there is less than meets the eye to the President’s promise not to listen in on the conversations of foreign leaders — saying that the promise was offered with “a big wink” and, in effect, is not much of a restriction at all.  While, I hope that he is correct (as a matter of good policy we should spy on foreign leaders to learn their intentions — just as they should spy on us) I fear he may be wrong.  At least according to this article from Europe, a senior US government official is briefing Europeans that the promise not to eavesdrop applies to “dozens of foreign leaders.”  Note the plural.  If this is the case than we have now declared off-limits something greater than 25 foreign leaders.

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