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Administrative Note #2: Call for Help from Social Networkers and Podcast Listeners

Monday, November 26, 2012 at 7:34 AM

If you’re a regular Lawfare reader and Facebook user, and you haven’t yet “liked” our Facebook page, please do us—and yourself, and your Facebook friends—a favor and do so. In fact, do one better and “share” the Facebook page with your friends. Here’s the link: (

Facebook is one Lawfare’s more promising—and more underutilized—growth platforms. Our Facebook page has about 730 “likes.” By contrast, our Twitter feed has more than 2,200 followers. Facebook “likes” are valuable to Lawfare, because they create on each liker’s Facebook news feed a stream of our content that can then be shared with others can drive traffic to the site. If you think your Facebook friends would enjoy Lawfare, please consider sharing our page—preferably with your own comments about what the site is and why people should check it out. We rely almost entirely on word of mouth to spread the word about Lawfare. So please help us create more word of mouth and with it, a more vibrant Facebook presence.

Speaking of which: The Lawfare Podcast has no—and I mean zero—reviews on iTunes. Any of its listeners want to do something about that?

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